Celery, Ginger and Lemon Juice: Recipe and Benefits


Do you want to know how to make a tasty celery, ginger and lemon juice? Here’s the step by step recipe and more.

This drink’s very light and loaded with nutrients. Below is what you need to know about it.


  • A blender.
  • A knife.
  • Large glass or cup.
  • Citrus squeezer (optional).



These’re the ingredients and quantities:

  • 5 sticks or 1 cup (about 100 g) of celery with leaves.
  • A 1 cm piece of ginger.
  • 1 lemon.
  • 1 cup of water.

Celery, ginger and lemon juice – Recipe

This recipe’s very simple:

  1. Rinse the celery. Remember that green leaves often hide a lot of dirt.
  2. Cut a small piece of ginger and carefully peel it with the knife.
  3. Cut the lemon in half and extract its juice by hand or with the help of a citrus squeezer. Make sure there’re no seeds left in the liquid.
  4. Blend all the ingredients until you get an easy-to-drink juice. If necessary, add a little more water and blend again.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks, Juices
Cuisine American, Mediterranean
Servings 1 person
Keyword celery, ginger and lemon juice

What’s celery, ginger and lemon juice good for? – Main benefits

First, it contains few calories (less than 30 kcal per cup). This may sound great for those looking to achieve a caloric deficit.

On the other hand, the acid in the lemon, the fiber in the celery and the water in the ingredients may promote bowel movements and body cleansing. Also, ginger seems to help empty the stomach, which may help those suffering from constipation.

With this in mind, this juice may also work in weight loss diets.

Finally, this drink’s high in antioxidants (many also work as anti-inflammatories). These substances are responsible for fighting free radicals that may cause some diseases. In this sense, they may boost defenses.

There’s more specific information on each ingredient in our posts on celery, lemon and ginger.

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