5 Juices to Reduce Hemorrhoids: Easy Recipes


Are you looking for juices to reduce hemorrhoids? Here you will learn how to prepare some potentially useful ones and what you need to know about the topic.

This problem is distinguished by inflammation in the rectal or anal areas, causing discomfort, itching or bleeding. Commonly, it may be caused by an effort to evacuate stool, pregnancy, obesity or other reasons.

The drinks we’ll show you below are high in water and fiber, among other nutrients. If you’re interested, later we’ll tell you how their ingredients work to help fight this disease.

You’ll also find other tips for prevention or treatment.

Juices to reduce hemorrhoids: Recipes / Preparations

Before we begin, it’s worth noting a few points.

  • It’s important to wash all ingredients before processing.
  • If you want more liquid results, add some water.
  • After making each juice, don’t filter anything. By doing so, you’ll be taking advantage of most of the available fiber.
  • You can start by drinking a different juice every morning and see how you feel. This way you’ll be incorporating the nutrients from all the foods throughout the days.

Let’s go with the recipes!

Information on ingredients

First of all, it’s worth noting that the foods we used in the recipes above are high in fiber and water, among other substances, among other substances. And these nutrients may help treat the problem.

According to a 2019 study, internal hemorrhoids are often found in patients with a diet low in fiber and water.

These compounds may help eliminate straining during defecation and improve overall health. Therefore, it’s important to include them in the diet.

Here’s the recommended daily intake for each of them.

Nutrient table

In this section you can see the quantities of fiber and water found in the ingredients, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

This information can help you calculate the nutritional quantities of each juice and compare them with the recommended daily intake of each substance.

If you don’t see all the columns, scroll the table.

PearUnit – 178 g1505.52
FlaxTablespoon – 9 g12.46
ChiaTablespoon – 9 g12.46
AppleUnit – 200 g1714.80
OatsTablespoon – 10 g11.01
PapayaCup – 165 g1452.80
BananaUnit – 126 g943.28
GingerTablespoon – 2 g20.04
Lemon juiceUnit – 48 g440.14
RaspberriesCup – 123 g1068.00

What other foods can I eat to reduce hemorrhoid inflammation?

In general, you can accompany the juices with cereals, fruits or vegetables rich in fiber.

Anyway, these drinks are only a small part of the things you can do to fight this condition.

Key tips to keep in mind

Here’re some points that may help you alleviate, solve or prevent this problem.

  • First, avoid obesity or overweight.
  • Keep the body hydrated.
  • Also, exercise regularly.
  • Follow a healthy, high-fiber diet: This may contribute to a better digestive process, facilitating defecation and improving overall health. In this sense, some foods that may help you are cereals, fruits or vegetables rich in fiber. Ideally, you should visit a nutritionist and follow a proper eating plan for your body and needs.
  • Reduce inflammation with cold: You can try gently placing an ice wrapped with a cloth on the affected area for a few minutes.
  • Medications or medical procedures: Before resorting to these treatments, it’s important to consult a doctor.

Also, if you found the recipes in this article useful, you may also be interested in our juices for constipation and weight loss.

Juices to reduce hemorrhoids: final comments

If you’ve symptoms of discomfort or allergy after consuming any of the drinks or foods in this article, we recommend that you stop doing so and visit your doctor.

Our opinions don’t replace those of a qualified healthcare professional.

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