10 Energy Shakes: Easy and Effective Recipes


Here you’ll find some delicious and effective energy smoothies / shakes. Also, what you need to know about the ingredients.

Lack of energy can manifest itself in different ways, such as sleepiness, lack of concentration or body fatigue.

This may be due to various causes such as a poor diet, lack of sleep, bad habits or illness. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about this later.

Below, you’ll find several shakes that may help you to regain strength and vitality. And if you’re interested, you’ll also learn how they work.

Energy shakes / smoothies: Recipes

First, it’s worth noting a few points.

  • Shakes aren’t meal replacements.
  • Wash all ingredients before processing.
  • If you want the results to be more liquid, add some water.
  • Before processing the ingredients, you can soak the seeds, almonds, walnuts, and oats (depending on the recipe) for 8 hours or overnight. If you do this, the smoothies will be easier to digest.
  • With this in mind, you can start by drinking a different shake every morning, or before training, and see how you feel throughout the days. By doing this, you’ll be incorporating nutrients from all the foods.

Let’s go with the recipes!

Information on ingredients

The drinks above are loaded with quality calories. That is, they provide energy in the form of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other necessary substances for the body.

However, remember that not all high-calorie foods are necessarily healthy. Maintaining a good balance of nutrients suitable for each body is key to health.

Also, we’ve chosen certain ingredients because they work as stimulants.

Here’s more about these topics.

Calories and energy

Simply put, calories are measurement units for energy. That is, foods provide us with energy that our body uses for its functions or needs.

The recommended daily caloric intake depends on age, build, height, gender, lifestyle, habits and overall health. On this basis, on average, these are the recommended daily intakes to maintain body weight:

  • For women: 2,000 calories (kcal) per day.
  • For men: 2,500 calories (kcal) per day.

Here’s how many calories are contained in each ingredient we’ve chosen for the smoothies, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

You can use it to calculate the total calories in each recipe.

Almonds – Unit (1.2 g)7
Grated coconut – 2 tablespoons (28 g)99
Cinnamon – Tablespoon (7.8 g)19
Flax – Tablespoon (9 g)48
Chia – Tablespoon (9 g)48
Banana – Unit (126 g)112
Blackberries – Unit (5 g)2
Mango – Unit (210 g)126
Cocoa powder – Tablespoon (5.4 g)12
Peanuts – Cup (146 g)828
Dark chocolate – Piece (17 g)95
Strawberry – Unit (18 g)6
Coconut milk – Cup (244 g)76
Oats – Tablespoon (10 g)38
Coffee infusion – (240 g)2
Avocado – Unit (150 gr)240
Shelled walnuts – Cup (100 g)654
Dates – Unit (8 g)23
Almond milk – Cup (244 g)37

Stimulants and more

Here’s specific information about some key ingredients:

  • Coffee: Contains caffeine. According to experts, this stimulant may help you feel less tired (physically and mentally) and increase energy levels.
  • Dark chocolate or cocoa : It has caffeine and theobromine. The latter is another stimulant less effective than caffeine.
  • Banana: According to a study, eating bananas before physical activity may help perform well.

But when and how can I drink energy shakes?

You can start by drinking a different one every morning, or before training, and see how you feel throughout the days. Thus, you’ll be incorporating nutrients from all ingredients into your diet.

Other tips to maintain good energy levels

Finally, here’re some points that may help you get energy.

  • Diet: As we said before, having a well-balanced diet is important to help maintain adequate energy levels and overall health. We recommend you to visit a nutritionist and follow a diet according to your body.
  • Do physical activity: According to several studies, there may be a relationship between physical activity and a low risk of experiencing feelings of fatigue or low energy.
  • Get enough sleep: According to a 2013 study, lack of sleep may negatively affect energy metabolism.
  • Get regular medical checkups: This may help detect or prevent disease.

Energy Shakes: Final Comments

If you’ve symptoms of discomfort or allergy after consuming any of the drinks or foods in this article, we recommend that you stop doing so and visit your doctor.

Our opinions don’t replace those of a qualified health professional.

If you found this useful, you may also like our section on juices for circulation.

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